Learn to sense energies & emotions

Learn to sense energies & emotions


Because of their history, many people have forgotten how to consciously perceive energies and emotions. But we are influenced by these emotions and energies, even if we are not always consciously aware of it. The more we feel on a conscious level, the more we can decide how to react to what. This allows us to be creative in how we deal with it.

“Negative energies”

We all have a sensorium to sense “negative energies”. These can be other people’s bad moods, but also threats that are in the air. Again, the more we learn to do this on a conscious level, the better our ability to deal with it. This means that if other people are in a bad mood, we can, for example, address them specifically about what is going on. A resolution is then usually more expedient than trying to “be nice”.

Sense unconscious emotions

Meditation is helpful for tracking down and putting emotions in a new context

If a person cannot feel certain emotions and feelings, it is usually still possible to find access to them. At first it happens “from the outside”, but the affected person can gradually learn to feel it themselves again.

That’s how you learn

For example, during an Energy Coaching session, I notice that a client is stuck in certain emotions, although he initially denies this when asked. I then feel the client’s emotion as resonating with the other person.

In such a situation, I first ask the person I am talking to to stop and look again at what is happening. If that’s not enough, I’ll take my time. Sometimes there are also hints or questions to the client about what it could be about. In this way, I can often lead the other person to a place where they begin to rediscover their own feelings. This is often associated with an “aha moment”.

It is worth giving these processes a lot of space. If a person is able to access feelings that were previously inaccessible to them, this is often associated with a feeling of liberation and the expansion of being.

Impact on daily life

Balance of emotions helps in everyday life and at work

Of course, it is important that the process does not only take place in the meeting. If the client later comes into contact with situations in everyday life that trigger similar previously hidden emotions, he can become increasingly aware of them. The new understanding of what is happening opens up new ways for the person to respond.

Last Update: 17.2.2022



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